Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday 13 – Favorite TV Shows

TV I know I have been slacking on my memes lately, but I have been so busy learning how to coupon and getting them organized for shopping! This week I thought I would list 13 of my favorite shows to watch on “the tube”. I am not a big TV watcher, I would rather be on the laptop. But when I do sit down to watch, here’s what I’m likely watching…

1. Hoarders on A&E – don’t ask me why I like this show. Many times it just plain disgusts me to see how some of these people are living. I am not the cleanest or most organized person around, but these people make me feel like Mrs. Clean!

2. 18 Kids and Counting on TLC – How can you NOT love watching the Duggars and all of those cute kids? I love large families. If I had it my way, I would have a couple more! I think too many people judge them harshly. I think they are a very neat family and I love watching them!

3. Table for 12 on TLC – Again, I love large families and this family is so down to earth and real. The dad and how he interacts with the kids reminds me a lot of my hubby. They are a lot of fun to watch.

4. Pawn Stars – The language in this show is sometimes iffy, but I just love seeing what people bring in to sell. The stories behind the items are many times very interesting. Hubby got me watching this one!

5. Enjoying Everday Life w/ Joyce Meyer – This lady is so inspirational and funny to listen to. She is very no nonsense and practical and I have learned a lot from watching her show.

6. Supernanny – I don’t always agree with her discipline methods, but she is one smart cookie and knows how to straighten out those wayward youngins. I love her creative ways to motivate kids and keep them on track.

7. iCarly – My older boys really love this show and I enjoy watching it with them (unlike most of their viewing choices). The dynamics between the characters are great and they always make me laugh!

8. The Upside Down Show on Nick Jr. – We watch a lot of Nick Jr. in our home (more than we probably should) and we rarely watch this one because it’s on at 11pm. But when Joey has an occasional late night, we all enjoy watching it. The characters are funny and they do a lot of sound effects and slapstick type comedy. It really encourages kids to use their imaginations!

9. Paula Dean – Oh man can this lady cook and bake! She doesn’t mess around, she uses lots of butter and sugar (the good stuff). I also love listening to her southern accent!

10. Cash Cab on Discovery – I love trivia shows and this one is so entertaining! The host is funny and I love seeing peoples reactions when they get in the taxi and all the lights blink, LOL!

11. How It’s Made on Discovery – The Kids and I can’t get enough of this one. Where else can you watch a snowboard or a twinkie roll off the assembly line from beginning to end. It’s so neat to see exactly what goes into making the items many of us use everyday and never even think about where they come from.

12. Everybody Loves Raymond – I always get a kick and lots of laughs when I watch this TV family interact. They are so dysfunctional yet loveable at the same time.

13. A Baby Story on TLC – one word – BABIES!!!

I hope you enjoyed my list! What are some of YOUR favorite things to watch?


: ) Cassie

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