Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Beginnings

Welcome friends! For my first post for this new blog, I thought it might be helpful to explain why I decided to start a new blog in the first place and give you a little bit of background about where our family is headed and how we got here.
The most pertinent thing I think I should share is that we are a new Army family. My husband enlisted and left for basic training November of last year. He finished in January and then spent 5 weeks in AIT (advanced individual training) for his job as an 88M (motor transport operator). Before enlisting he was a truck driver for 4 years, so it just made sense for him to go into the same field and use his on-the-job experience to earn an advanced rank through the Army Civilian Acquired Skills Program.
Our family spent 4 months apart through his training process and it was a huge learning and growth experience for all of us! There were some very real struggles on my part to keep things together in his absence, but all in all I think we did pretty good. Had it not been for my faith and my family, I don’t think I could have made it through as well as I did.
A week ago, after the movers came and packed up all of our belongings into a tractor-trailer headed to WA, we hit the road to make our 37 hour drive to Ft. Lewis – our first duty station.
The trip was absolutely amazing! For someone who has never been close to a mountain or has never seen very much of the country, I was very much in awe of the beauty of God’s creation. We experienced and saw so much on our trip – rolling hills, mountains, lakes, gorges, rivers. We even made a detour to stop and see Mt. Rushmore in all it’s beauty! Traveling here is an experience none of us will ever forget.
After 5 days of traveling in a minivan we were more than ecstatic to finally arrive. Ft. Lewis is absolutely beautiful and I can’t believe this is where we are going to love for the next 1-3 years! Within a few days of arriving, we were offered a beautiful three-bedroom house (it’s actually a duplex attached by the garages) in a nice neighborhood on post. the housing is in a newer neighborhood and is surrounded by nice large yeards and lots of trees and is very close to the PX and commissary. We can’t wait to get our keys on April 6th and start getting settled.
Floor Broadmoor
(These pictures are not of our specific home, but taken from the housing website.)
So as our new life here begins, we are very busy taking care of paperwork and getting to know our surroundings. We have found a few churches we would like to visit and we know that God will lead us to the right one, the same way He did with our previous church. And so the process of putting down new roots begins!!



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