Friday, January 1, 2010

Counting Our Blessings

My husband called me from work on his lunch break a while ago and gave me some very scary news. Last night, at the work release center he is a CO at, an inmate was shot in the top of the head by a stray bullet that came through the steel roof of the facility. People in the surrounding area were shooting their guns off to ring in the new year, and a total of 3 bullets came into the facility. Luckily, there was only one injury. The bullet was slowed down enough by the steel roof that it did not penetrate the man’s skull. He was taken to the hospital to have the bullet removed and get staples to close the wound.

I am thanking God that no one was killed or seriously injured in the accident. I am also thanking Him that my husband was at home last night when this happened.

There is a law against shooting firearms within city limits here, but on new years eve, it is largely ignored. We even heard gunshots close by our apartments last night! Thank God none of them came our way.

Thank You Lord for Your protection! I pray a speedy recovery for the man that was injured and that he comes into relationship with you through this miraculous incident.


: ) Cassie

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