Monday, August 2, 2010

NOT Back to School Blog Hop – Curriculum Week


I am SO glad that HOTM brought back this blog hop, it was so much fun last year to see everyone’s posts and get to know them better! This week starts week 1 of the blog hop, which is curriculum week. This is pretty good timing for me, as I just finished choosing the rest of my daughter’s books for the year.

What’s that I said? Daughter?! YUP, It seems that we are adding a third student to our little homeschool this year, my 13yo stepdaughter is joining the fun! She will be doing 8th grade, but we are treating this year as a transition year for her and we are focusing on filling any gaps she may have from struggling in public school the past few years.

Since she is the oldest, we will start with her!

Jasmine – 13 – 8th grade

  • Math – Saxon 8/7
  • English – Rod & Staff English 6
  • Literature, History, Geography, Religion, Writing – TOG Y1 Dialectic
  • Science – BJU Space & Earth Science 8
  • Latin – Galore Park Latin Prep 1
  • Logic – Critical Thinking Book 1 & 2
  • Spelling – Spelling Power
  • Vocabulary – Wordly Wise (2 books a year)

Drew – 10 – 4/5th grades

Note: Drew is in some 4th grade work still, we are working on getting him caught up this year. He struggled a bit last year, but he is really taking off now! I try not to put too much emphasis on the grade levels of texts we use, especially since many of the programs we use are advanced compared to the typical public school equivalents.

  • Math – Saxon 5/4
  • English – Rod & Staff 4
  • Literature, History, Geography. Religion, Writing – TOG Y1 UG
  • Science – Logic stage Biology ala The Well Trained Mind
  • Latin – Latin’s Not So Tough Levels 2-4
  • Logic – Building Thinking Skills Level 1
  • Spelling – Spelling Power
  • Reading – BJU Reading 4
  • Vocabulary – Wordly Wise (2 books a year)
  • Penmanship – HWT Cursive Success

Isaiah – 8 – 2nd grade

  • Math – finish BJU Math 2 and start Math 3
  • English – Easy Grammar 2
  • Literature, History, Geography, Religion – TOG Y1 LG
  • Science – Time4Learning
  • Spelling – All About Spelling Levels 1-2
  • Phonics – Finish 2nd half of BJU Phonics 1
  • Reading – Finish 2nd half of BJU Reading 1 and start BJU Reading 2
  • Penmanship – Peterson Directed Handwriting (current review)

And of course, we will be trying lots of great new products out in our homeschool thanks to the TOS Homeschool Crew. Which means that this “iron clad” plan (ha!) will probably go through various changes as the year goes on. But then again, when do I ever stick to my original plan?

Make sure to check out the other participant’s blog hop posts here, and don’t forget to join the hop yourself, too!




  1. It is nice to have flexibility with school, isn't it? Looks like you've got a great lineup!

  2. Love all the plans I am reading about, LOL we need to do 1/2 a year update post to see what has worked and the NEW things we have started. Have a blessed school year.

  3. Thank you for sharing in the NOT Back-to-School blog hop. What a jump from doing 4th grade last year (as your highest) to doing 8th grade this year. I hope the transition goes well for you all. Your plan sound great.

  4. Hi from the Hop! :) Your plans sound great... and how much fun to add your stepdaughter to the mix.

    I'd love to hear your opinions on the HWT cursive program... we'll probably look at cursive next year for my son, and I don't know which program would work best for us.

    Have a great year!

  5. Hey TOS mate. Ya know, for your step-D, be sure to allow for deschoolizing don't be afraid to give her some time to just decompress...and yeppers-being on the crew will give ya some great stuff. Looks like a nice layout you have planned! Have a great year.

    FM Sheri

  6. Looks like a great planned out year. Isn't it fun planning the homeschool year, just love it!


  7. Hello! I love BJU stuff as well. Rod and Staff is a new discovery for us. Have a great year! :)

  8. I'm really enjoying the Blog Hop, and seeing what everybody else is doing. I'm getting so many ideas! It looks like you are going to have a wonderful year. God Bless.


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