Thursday, December 18, 2008

Only boys....

There are many instances throughout my day where I have to chuckle and think to myself, "Only boys (my boys to be exact) would do or say that!"  Want an example?

Today Drew and Isaiah were having PB&J sandwiches with Cheetos for lunch.  I was in and out taking care of Joey and reheating some leftovers for myself.  As I left the kitchen for the last time to sit down and eat, I hear the boys pretending as they usually do with their GI Joes and Star Wars figures.  I turn around to go back in the dining room to remind them that they are not to have toys at the table while they eat and stop in the doorway to observe them...

Isaiah's cheeto says to Drew's cheeto, "Do you have any toys to sell?"
Drew's cheeto answers his, "Yes but you don't have enough cheese money to buy them.  You will have to borrow the cheese money from your mom."

Sigh.  Only boys!


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