Sunday, November 1, 2009

OK, so I'm a little OCD...

because all these stacked boxes and chaos in the house are driving me up the wall! I am soooo glad I only have to live among this mess a few more days. I am very thankful that I have had the past week to get ready for the move but I am completely over it. Everywhere I turn there is a disorganized mess of things I can't do much about. I have tried really hard to keep things somewhat in order, but it has really been a challenge. The closer it gets to moving day the worse it gets!
Tuesday we pick up our u-haul and then we will gladly be loading all of these boxes into it and getting them out of the way. Unfortunately, it will be short lived, as once they are moved into the new place, it will be a whole other state of disorganization and chaos. But at least I will be moving towards my goal of getting settled in and finding a proper place for all of our belongings, and that is definitely something to look forward to!
It just so happened that we got to see inside our apartment last night. We are completely relieved, it is a very nice apartment (compared to our current abode) and for the most part, we really like the layout. Our dining/living room area is a bit smaller than I expected from looking at the floor plan, but we will make it work for us as we always do. This may mean relocating some of our lesser used school things into another area, but we can live with that.
All of our utilities are set-up to switch over into our name, we put an order in to get cable and internet installed on Thursday (yeah!), we have purchased our renter's insurance, reserved our u-haul, and all that's left to do is pay our deposit/rent and sign on the dotted line. Oh, and move in of course!
Oh, also yesterday a part on my laptop broke (sniffle). It is the casing that holds the screen. It is still working perfectly fine, but will not close. I will be shipping it off to HP sometime next week to get it fixed. I will leave a note here on the blog to let you know when I do as I will not be able to blog while it is away (sniffle) getting repaired. Hopefully the process will be quick and they will return my electronic baby back to me like new!


:) Cassie
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