Sunday, July 4, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up – Pregnancy Update Week 7- Hello Blog Walkers!

What a title huh? I haven’t been blogging very regularly, and I have a few things to cover, but fortst of all I would like to say HELLO! to all who are visiting my blog through the TOS Blog Walk! This is the 4th week of the walk and I am thrilled to be a part of it. I have been visiting my fellow crew member’s blog every week and have been adding you all to my subscriptions as I go. You can check out the other TOS crew members’ blogs here:

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Well this week was pretty slow as far as school goes (it is the summer after all), but we have still had a very busy week. Last Saturday we went to our local fireworks display and I got to try out the fireworks setting on my new Canon Powershot…

IMG_0337 IMG_0350

As you can see, it’s a tricky thing to take good fireworks shots. I had to hold the camera very still, and being that I neglected to bring my tripod along, the photos came out a bit blurry. Oh well! I am sure I’ll get better shots next time.

Also this week, my hubby made a trip to MEPS to sign his Army contract and take his oath. So the kids and I, my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law and her kids were all there to watch the swearing in ceremony and take pictures.

IMG_0364 IMG_0366

IMG_0370 IMG_0372


We are all very proud of him! It has been a long process for him to get to this point (because of needing a dependent waiver for such a big family) but now he is officially a member of the US Army! Actually, his official status is US Army Reserves, until he reports to basic training in November. It’s a relief to have this part of the process finished and know when and where his training is going to be. Unfortunately because of his delayed entry status, he is going to be in training over Thanksgiving, but will get a few days leave for Christmas. When the baby comes, he will be in AIT, so he won’t be able to be here for the birth. But that’s ok, I have a lot of family and friends who will be there, and though his presence will be missed, that’s the sacrifice you make sometimes to be a military family.

Speaking of pregnancy, my spotting has really decreased this past week, and I even have has a few days where I have had no spotting at all. No more bright red bleeding, so that’s been a huge relief. As far as we know, baby #5 is still doing fine and hanging in there. My next OB appointment is at the end of July, so we will know more than and I am hoping to have another u/s scheduled then so we can see what’s going on with the hemorrhage and that second sac they spotted. Until then, I am taking it easy and taking good care of myself.

The last major event of this past week was not a pleasant one. Drew, once again, got poison oak from climbing trees. Uuugh! Will this child ever learn?! The worst part of it is, we didn’t realize it until one whole side of his face was covered with a red, swollen rash. It was pretty bad for a few days, but then we started him on Zyrtec, and it seems to be helping him a lot. We are also cleansing the rashy areas with Tecnu soap daily and applying Caladryl as needed to help with the itch. He’s looking pretty good today and hasn’t complained a bit, so I think it’s in the process of drying up and healing, THANK GOD! I really hate dealing with poison oak/ivy. I have already told him now multiple times NO MORE CLIMBING TREES!! LOL Luckily it didn’t spread to much and it hasn’t been contracted by anyone else in the house, so I am counting my blessings.

Next week is the last week of our summer term, then we are taking 2 weeks off before the “official” start of our school year. Drew will be spending those 2 weeks with his grandmother (on his Father’s side) on the east coast, having fun in the sun and swimming in the ocean. The rest of us will be here. Boo hoo! Just kidding, he really looks forward to these summer visits and has been counting down the days. This will be his first time flying as an unaccompanied minor, so I’m a little nervous. But I know he will be well taken care of and he has flown several times before, so it’s not a new thing for him. Please be praying for his safe arrival next Saturday afternoon!

SO that’s about it for our week! I hope you had a great one and are spending this holiday weekend with people you love! Have a blessed week!



  1. Hello CrewMate~
    Congrats on hubby signing up and you all becoming a military family! Thank you for your service! So glad to meet you and enjoyed your pictures and post. Will remember you and baby in prayer!
    See you on deck!

  2. WOW! Lots of good stuff going on with you guys! Congrats on both "daddy" in the Army and "Baby #5"! I'm walking with the Crew...glad to visit your site!

  3. Best wishes on ALL of your new endeaavors: hubby's military service, new baby, TOS Crew. Take it easy...I found during my last pregnancy that blogging and web site development are great things to do when you have to "take it easy" because of baby. I had bleeding like yours for a similar reason and baby #6 was born healthy and happy (and still is!) Blessings.

  4. WOW Cassie! You are BUSY! Praying for your many endeavors and the possibility of moving in a few months! Maybe you will end up near me!!!!

  5. Stopping by your blog on a blog walk to say hi! Thoughts and prayers for your family in this transition time and for a healthy new arrival.

  6. Good morning! I'm stopping by for my blog walk. Wow! You have a lot going on! congratulations on your newest blessing. Take good care of yourself while you grow that little one! And thank you, to you and your family for your husband's service, and the sacrifice that all of your family will be making on our behalf. I hope that poison oak is clearing up now! Oh, and loved "not me Monday". I could definitely relate! =)

  7. Hi Cassie. What big changes coming up for your family. Sound exciting!
    I'm so glad to hear everything is going well with baby to be.
    My husband was serving in the Marine Corps when we were married. He's been out for a long time but is thinking about joining the National Guard.

  8. TY to all of you for stopping by! Ty for all the prayers and congratulations. I hope to be getting to know you all better!

  9. Hi, on the blog walk and wanted to meet ya. Exciting times for you huh? Take it easy and I will be praying baby stays put for the next almost 8 months for ya. God bless and enjoy your time on the crew!
    FM Sheri

  10. Congrats! I just ran across your blog through a blog walk at Walking Home.
    I'm interested in following along with your family and pregnancy. I'm glad to hear all the spotting has stopped. We just found out we are pregnant - 8 weeks - this is after 5.5 years of infertility. It was a shock to say the least.

  11. Wow that's great! Sounds like we are about the same due date. I bet you are super excited :)Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

  12. I'm stopping by on my Blog Walk and taking some time to get caught up on your blog. I admit I didn't recognize it with the new design. I think it looks great as a way to support your husband. Welcome to the Army world (my dh is out now but we were a military family for nearly 11 years)


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