Monday, August 25, 2008

School Update (Week 3)

Hello! Well here we are starting our third week of the school year. Things are finally falling into a routine and we are adjusting to having a baby in the house and schooling with a 2 year old here 3 days a week. Last week went very well and we got the majority of our lesson plans done. The boys are doing well this year so far and I am seeing much less complaining and whining when I say it's time to get schoolwork done. They are pretty enthusiastic thus far.

We did a few new and fun things last week. Drew started a new reading "curriculum" last week. We are using a resource from Evan-Moor publishing called Read and Understand: Stories and Activities(grade 2). Each lesson has a leveled story and several pages of activities to complete about the story. It covers comprehension, vocabulary, phonics and other important language arts skills. He really likes the stories and enjoys the activities more than what we were doing before. We are still using Abeka materials to review our phonics rules and blends in addition to using this resource.

Isaiah has now learned all of his short vowel sounds and how to combine them with the initial consonants T and L. He will be learning 2-3 new consonants this week. He is gaining confidence with his reading skills which has made a world of difference.

Last week in history (we are using the Mystery of History curriculum) we learned about creation and Adam and Eve. So as a supplemental activity, we "created" people and creatures out of play doh. I took pictures of the activity...

Isaiah making his play-doh people.
Isaiah making his playdoh people.

And here is Isaiah's Adam, Eve, and dog.
And here is Isaiah's Adam, Eve, and dog.

And here is Drew making his people.
And here is Drew making his people

And here are Drew's Adam, Eve and 2 dogs.  He says they are chihuahuas...
And here are Drew's Adam, Eve, and 2 dogs (he tells me they are chihuahuas).

So you see now what we have been up to this week in school! I will be sure and continue to keep you posted.



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