Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Many Blessings of Today

Today was a very good day. I was prepared to have another one of those frustrating, exhausting days but not so! I got up to a clean house, a clean kitchen and an empty sink. I met my laundry goal for the day and even got it all put away with the boys' help. I made a good dinner. I got to visit with a dear friend and I had great fun playing with her 2 year old son. Joey was in a wonderful mood all day and spent time playing and observing others without complaint when Mommy needed to do other things and couldn't hold him. The boys were generally good all day and there was very little bickering. And to top it all off, my husband will be home very early in the morning instead of tomorrow afternoon from his run (he is a truck driver if you did not already know). Thank You Lord for the blessings of a wonderful day. I pray to have many more like it!

Have you taken the time to thank God for the small blessings of today? :-)

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