Friday, August 8, 2008

So Tired

It's been a very long day. It started out on a bad foot, as Joey
slept very restlessly last night and I was up and down off and on all
night, popping his pacifier back in his mouth, turning on his mobile
and laying a hand on his little chest to comfort him. When he woke up
for good this morning around 9, Momma was still very tired and my body
was fighting being awake. I have felt this way most of the day. I would
have loved to take a nap, but Joey never napped longer than half an
hour in a stretch so I was not able to. I feel as if I am trying to
come down with something? Or maybe I just am exhausted.

I sat around all day and did as little as possible. Though I was up and
down a lot taking care of Joey and playing with and entertaining him. I
am never too tired to make my little one smile and coo! Then, after I
finally put him down for the night, I got a small burst of energy. I
got the kitchen cleaned up and dishes washed, straightened the living
room and vacuumed downstairs. What a blessing! Now when I wake in the
morning I can take my time waking up and enjoying my children instead
of playing catch up all day!

I had the boys clean their room before bed and had them bring me down all the laundry that wouldn't fit into their hamper (yes I am that behind on their
laundry). So I will be doing their laundry tomorrow and likely Friday
too. But at least I am pretty well caught up on towels and Joey's
clothes. And I need to do 1 or 2 loads of our laundry also.

I am getting a system going here in the new place slowly but surely. By
the time we start lessons I would like to have a chore schedule set up
for me and the kids. I am really taking the time to train them to clean
up after themselves after meals, including washing their plates and
cups as they dirty them and clearing and wiping the table. I would also
like them to take turns vacuuming around the table daily as the carpet
tends to collect crumbs and paper scraps etc. I'm sure that will only
get worse when we start lessons next week.

On a joyful note, I am finding the new place much easier to keep clean and
clutter free. Our new furniture looks wonderful and actually takes up
less room. I will have to get a picture posted soon so you can see how
nice it all looks...maybe tomorrow? Or maybe I'll post a video tour,
who knows....

Anyway, this evening I am thankful for a clean house, sleeping kids, and a bit of free time. Hopefully I can be thankful in the morning for a good nights rest!


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