Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Oh it's been another one of those days, where all the children
seem to do is pick and bicker at one another. It's days like these I
wish I could take a vacation.

Don't get me wrong, I love my kids with all that I am, I just want to enjoy their
company a bit more than I do. I find myself sending them into another
room so I don't have to listen to them argue and fight. Yes, I have
tried separating them, but it doesn't do any good. As soon as they are
together again the bickering ensues.

These daysI find myself praying for a peaceful house more and more. I know they need more discipline and that's my failing not theirs. It's just sooo
frustrating sometimes! I'm sure those of you with more than one child
understands exactly what I mean. I am really going to pray about this
and I must find a solution that works because I can't deal with it
every day. It's wearing me down and I refuse to put up with it anymore.

The thing that gets me is I have taught them the skills they need to deal
with issues, they just don't use them. I've taught them to walk away
and to just accept that they may not agree and that's ok. I honestly
think they enjoy arguing about every little meaningless thing under the

My children are unkind to one another. Oh how painful it is for me to say that out loud (or type it rather). I must teach them to value one another and embrace the things that make them different. I just have to figure out HOW....... sigh.

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