Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday 13 – Things I Love About My Hubby!


1. He can always make me laugh (even when I would rather be mad at him)

2. He is a very involved Daddy and loves playing with his kids

3. He is my best friend

4. He is an extremely hard worker

5. He can make a mean hamburger

6. He can change a poopy diaper like a pro

7. He’s not afraid to be silly

8. He helps out around the house when I need him to without complaining

9. He puts up with me (and all my faults) even when I’m not easy to get along with

10. He is patient

11. He is my biggest fan

12. He is a good listener

13. He gives the BEST hugs ever

I could list soooo many more things that I love about my husband, but these are the first that came to mind. Aren’t I a lucky gal?


: ) Cassie

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