Friday, February 5, 2010

Study Links – Forces and Motion

We have finally wrapped up our unit on Electricity, and following our chosen route of physics for this year, our next unit is going to be Forces and Motion. Naturally, in preparing for this unit I have scoured the web for interesting resources and I can’t believe how many great things I Found! Of course the base for our study (as usual) is our lapbook project pack which you can find here on CurrClick.


Physics4kids site (lots of great basic physics info)

Great site about Newton's 3 Laws of Motion

Simple Machines Coloring Book

Color Me Physics: Activity Book (PDF)

Color Me Physics: Coloring Book (PDF)

Albert Einstein Printables

Isaac Newton Coloring Page

BBC’s Physical Processes Page (Lots of great material on this site)’s Simple Machines activities

PHUN 2D Physics Sandbox (free software download)

Fantastic Contraption online game

Newton’s Apple Physics Videos

Conceptual Physics: Next Time Questions – (Printable PDF’s) Description from the Author:

Next-Time Questions are favorite insightful questions I have asked my students over my teaching career. I have embellished them with cartoons to catch interest. Their intention is to elicit student thinking.


Recommended Resources:

I am really excited about this study, and we are starting next week. I am so glad I am able to share these awesome resources with you! Happy studies!


: ) Cassie

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  1. Those are some neat links. Thanks for sharing. I wonder if they have A Color Me Genetics book somewhere. That's what I need.


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