Monday, February 1, 2010

Not ME Monday – Feb. 1, 2010


Wondering what went on here over the weekend? Well I can tell you what didn’t happen…

I did not feed our dog an entire dish of leftover spaghetti because I forgot to buy him dog food.

I did not ground my boys from their DS because they repeatedly leave them laying around (instead of putting them away in their game cases).

I did not give my toddler a handful of M&M’s an hour before bedtime just because he kept dragging me in the kitchen to ask for them.

I did not wash, dry, and fold 20 loads of laundry in 3 days, because everyone knows homeschool moms are always on top of everything.

I do not still have at least 10 more loads to wash before I can declare it caught up.

I did not enlist the help of friends to help switch the children’s rooms Saturday because I am SuperMom and I can handle it by myself.

I did not eat the last 2 fruit roll-ups last night before bed.

What didn’t you do last weekend?


: ) Cassie

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