Friday, July 24, 2009

Poison Ivy Hits In His Image Academy

I regret to inform that I will not be doing a weekly wrap-up post about school this week. We only had 3 days of lessons. Why you ask? Because I have 2 very itchy, miserable boys that I am trying to nurse back to health.

The boys went across the courtyard to where there is a line of trees separating our complex and another one a few days ago to climb trees with a few of the neighbor children. Apparently, this area was infested with either poison ivy or oak (I don't know what the difference is between the 2)! Naturally, both boys got it. Isaiah especially is covered. it started as a few small spots on one arm, now that whole arm is covered, his neck, his face, and a bit on the other arm, too. Drew's just showed up this morning and is just on his neck and a few spots around his hairline and wrists.

We are using a special soap to draw out the oils. I think it is called Tecnu. To be honest, i don't know if it is doing much good for Isaiah. I treat him with it twice daily and it still seems to be spreading. I think maybe that's because he had it for a day or two before we started using it, not realizing it was poison oak/ivy. I treated Drew this morning as soon as I noticed it, so I am hoping it doesn't spread as badly for him.

Since it is hard for them to sit still on a normal day, I figured I was just asking for it by trying to get them to sit through lessons today, so we took a day off. I will update you of any progress this weekend and I will be back to do another post tomorrow! Please keep the boys in your prayers as Isaiah may end up in the ER if the rash on his face gets much worse.


Cassie :)

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