Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yahoo for Workboxes!!

Yes, I have succumbed to the newest homeschooling method-WORKBOXES!! I have been researching it for some time now and trying to figure out if it would be a good fit for us and how we could utilize it in our homeschool. I decided the best way to find out is to just jump right in and see how it goes.
If you haven't yet heard about the Workbox System, you can find out more by visiting Sue Patrick's site (the inventor of the Workbox System) and also by checking out this very comprehensive review compiled by Kari at Curriculum Choice.
I am not going to bore you with all the details, as I have given you the links to get all the information you could ever want. I am, however, going to share some pictures with you!
Here is a picture of the boys' finished workboxes. I don't have the funds right now to buy the wire racks, so I had to do a lot of rearranging to make space for them on our bookshelves. i am also starting out with just 8 boxes per boy. I am hoping to increase to the full 12 boxes once I can purchase the racks. They are $14.99 at Target. The boxes with the red numbers are Drew's and the boxes with the blue numbers are Isaiah's.


Here are our clock-in cards and pockets for school-time. I found these really cute pirate files that another mom shared on the Yahoo Workbox group.

These are our schedule strips with covers (shared by another mom on the Yahoo workbox group).

These are Isaiah's number cards on his schedule strip. They are Star Wars themed (again from the Yahoo Workbox group).

And here are Drew's number cards. He didn't especially like any of the pre-made cards I found, so I made him dinosaur number cards in Word using clipart. I am planning on uploading them and sharing them on the Yahoo group also.

And last but not least, I made some chorecards and choreboards with pockets to help remind the boys what they need to get done around the house on a daily basis. I plan on uploading these files and sharing the link with you in the near future, but I am too tired to do it tonight!

All I can say after all this work is I am really thankful I have a laminator and that I didn't run out of printer ink! I think I have used my laminator more in the past week than I have in the year-and-a-half that I've had it! Pretty soon it will be time to order some more pouches from Ebay.

Next on my list of things to do is to compile a list of activities (other than regular bookwork) to include in their boxes on a regular basis. I already have quite a few good ideas gleaned from other moms who have shared their ideas on the net. I will be sure to share more when I get that done! For now, I am off to bed, I am pooped!


Cassie :)

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