Monday, July 6, 2009

School Planning Progress

  I had shared with you last week how I have been so very busy getting things in order for our new school year. I am in the homestretch now and thought I would share some of what I have been doing with you. Here are some screenshots of what I've been working on in HSTPlus...

SS Goals
Here are the goals I have painstakingly entered into HST, one-by-one. This is what has been the most time consuming for me. It will be really nice to have a detailed list of skills the boys have learned at the end of the year!
Isaiahs LP Sched
Here is Isaiah's Daily Lesson schedule...
Drews LP Sched
And here is Drew's Daily Lesson Schedule.
Planning CL
This is my progress thus far on my planning checklist, which was typed in the Journal in HST.
Drew's 1st day
Here's Drew's assignments (so far) for the first day of school...
Isaiahs 1st day
and here are Isaiah's.
So you can see from this how very hard I have been working. I have entered HUNDREDS of skills/objectives into the goals section thus far. To be honest, there have been times I wanted to pull all my hair out! But I know it will be worth all the hard work in the end.
I also spent several hours putting together some new file folder games over the weekend. I had lots of help cutting things out from my dear bff, otherwise I would have never gotten nearly as many done! I am hoping having these will give me something to direct the boys to do while they may be waiting for me to help them with something.
100_1812 100_1813
Also, I finally managed to gets hubs to install our cabinet locks in the kitchen. Now Joey can go into the kitchen and explore. The first thing he went for was the snack cabinet...
100_1803 100_1805
100_1806 100_1808
100_1811Yes, fun times are ahead!


Cassie :)

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