Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Spelling Woes

It seems like no matter what I use to teach Drew-bug how to spell, he struggles through it. So I have been browsing around forums and curriculum review sites trying to find something different. We have tried BJU, Abeka, Sequential Spelling, no spelling (yes I know, I'm a horrible mother) and non of them have accomplished anything other than allowing him to memorize a few words a week in order to spell them correctly on a test then forget it all the next day.
I am and always have been a natural speller. I was also an early reader. It's funny to me how my 2 strongest areas in school are my boys' weakest areas. Isaiah has struggled with reading until just recently and it is still challenging for him. Drew has struggled with spelling from the onset. Things being as they are, it has been even more difficult for me to teach them those skills. I guess it's hard for someone who does something easily to try and teach someone to do that same thing when it is hard for them to understand or grasp.
I knew there had to be something different out there. Something that goes beyond just teaching kids how to memorize words and instead teaches them how to decode those words and their sounds so that they can use what they learn to spell other words in the future.
Then I stumbled upon All About Spelling. The following is from their website:
Poor teaching methods create obstacles for learners and lead to bad spelling habits or even low literacy skills. A child who becomes frustrated and discouraged may end up falling behind.
It doesn't have to be that way. We simply need to teach children to spell properly in a way that makes learning easier.
All About Spelling is a comprehensive spelling program based on proven strategies to teach spelling using the best and easiest method possible. It gives parents, homeschoolers, and teachers strategies that work, including:
  • Lessons with crucial concepts explained in easy-to-understand language
  • Multisensory methods for different learning opportunities
  • Effective techniques to teach both beginner and remedial spelling
Kids learn to think about spelling the right way so they can navigate increasingly complex spelling with confidence-and a smile.
If you're teaching a young child just beginning to learn or helping an older student who struggles with spelling, or if you just want a better teaching method that works, then All About Spelling is for you.
So I browsed around their site and looked at the materials and some sample pages. I was blown away! This is exactly the kind of program I have been searching for! Even better than that, it is affordable. So what did I do? Well of COURSE I ordered Level One!
I am anxiously awaiting my package in the mail so I can get started using it with Drew. Isaiah is going to continue using BJU Spelling 1, along with SpellingTime.com until he is finished with the book. He is doing ok with it for now. When Drew finishes Level 1, I will then take Isaiah through it. Right now I need to keep him focused on reading and phonics skills.
I will be sure to post a follow-up after we get it and start utilizing it to share how it is working for us. I have very high hopes!


Cassie :)

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