Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It’s Been Crazy Around Here!

Yes, I have been away from my bloggy home for awhile. I am sorry. Things have been very hectic around here with hubby working a very busy seasonal job with very long hours and the start of summer. We have been spending a lot of time outdoors, playing and swimming. It turns out Joey is a little fish, much like his big brother Drew was from a young age! I have been wanting to write, but I have been so busy that when I get the time, i just don’t have the motivation.
So I am writing to you, my friends, to let you know that yes, we are still here and still doing the normal things – school, work, play!
Joey is not walking yet, but he has been taking a few steps here and there independently, and more frequently. I am definitely not in any hurry and am not pushing him to be upwardly mobile. It’s quite a big milestone for him, and sadly a reminder that he is not such a little baby anymore…sniff. I know he has to grow and change, I just wish I could slow the process down a bit. I am doing my very best to enjoy every moment and treasure every day.
Isaiah is still doing very well with his reading and he is progressing nicely. He has finished all of his readers from his first set of Bob Books and has moved on to the second set. We went to the bookstore and bought the third set the other day so we would have them when he was ready for them.
Both boys are starting their new math books next week, Isaiah Math 2 and Drew Math 3. And Drew has started his 3rd grade Reading. It is a bit more challenging than what he has been doing, but he is doing really well with it thus far.
Something very exciting is happening in our family – hubby has decided to go back to school! We have had such a hard time trying to find him a good job that doesn’t require him to be an absentee husband and father, so we are really hoping this will turn things around for us. He will be attending Lincoln College of Technology to earn an associate’s degree in Diesel Technology. From what the admissions rep told us today, they can’t get enough students enrolled in the program to keep up with the requests they get from employers, so it’s a very secure field right now, and will likely continue to be. Please keep us in your prayers! We really want to make wise decisions and are hoping that this is an opportunity set before us by God. If it is, He will bless our journey, I am sure of that!
I will be posting again very soon, but I am getting sleepy and my spelling is suffering!


Cassie :)

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