Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Daily Report – Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

We had a pretty good day today.  I think we are starting to get used to Daddy being gone all day and most of the evening now. It has been a tough transition for all of us. I take comfort in knowing that right now is the busiest time of year for his company, and it will slow down a bit in a few weeks.
It has been tough figuring out how to get the house straightened up, prepare meals, and do school every day with the little one getting more demanding and impatient since his birthday. But I am slowly learning how to juggle it all and still spend some good quality time with him every day. Granted I am usually exhausted by the end of the day, but it is worth it!
So far this week, including today, we have completed every single lesson I put on the planner last Sunday. So that’s definitely something to be proud of. I am really tired of always being behind and playing catch-up.
Today we took some pictures of various parts of our school day that I thought I would share with my readers….
100_1550 Here’s a pic of the boys finishing up their Bible work for the day and putting it away in their binders. As usual, Isaiah was taking a bit longer than Drew…
They asked me to put the pictures they colored up for all to see….
Drew’s picture..
Isaiah’s picture…
Drew’s math assignment today required him to complete multiplication problems using a calculator. My boys REALLY love it when they get to use their calculators!
In this picture, Isaiah was using his number line to complete his math lesson. he is learning his fact families thru 18.
What was Joey doing while this was taking place you ask? Well for some of it he was napping. But here he was playing contentedly with a straw. Hmm, I spend hours choosing and arranging toys and activities on the bottom shelves for him, and this is what keeps him happy?
Hey there big brother, can I borrow that pencil for a sec? No? Maybe a crayon then?
Drew taking his English test…
he did a very good job!
He wanted a picture to show how happy he was about his grade! He took this himself… that’s what I call a close-up!
Here is Isaiah practicing his spelling list for this week on We are really loving this site, it is free and it makes spelling less of a chore for the boys.
So that does it for our pictures for today. We did a fun science activity too, but unfortunately Joey was not cooperating enough to allow me to take pictures of that as well. We are doing another tomorrow so maybe I’ll get some then! Hope you enjoyed our pictures!



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