Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Pretty Good Day

We had a pretty good day today! We managed to get all of our planned lessons finished in time for Isaiah to go to wrestling practice, even though I was very tired from dealing with a restless baby and clogged sinuses all night long. Drew has decided he doesn’t want to continue wrestling. He had a rough practice on Monday and got roughed up a bit. Though I would really prefer for him to go to a few more off-season practices with the new coach before he makes up his mind, I am not going to force him to go. Wrestling is a rough sport and Drew is just not that type of kid! Isaiah, however, wants to continue and he has quite a knack for it. We are looking for another extra-curricular activity for Drew to participate in. We are leaning towards either bowling or Karate, but are hoping to get some help with the expenses. Too bad the wrestling didn’t work out, it was really convenient for them to be on the same team. Oh well….
Did I mention I got my hair cut Monday? It’s SHORT!! Well, short compared to what is was (halfway down my back). It is now just a bit shy of shoulder length. I love it, it’s very flattering and I think it may even help me look a few years younger! And it is super easy to take care of and style. That’s the main reason I cut it. What’s the point of having long hair if it’s 1) unhealthy, 2) way too time consuming to style, and 3) always in a bun? Now I can actually do my hair in less than 30 minutes! I will try to take a picture maybe tomorrow..
Joey was in a really good mood for most of the day today. Daddy had him giggling  up a storm. I got to spend some good quality time with him, too! He is all about taking things in and out of containers and handing them to you. He is really getting to be more and more fun. He can do so much it just amazes me!
On another good note, Jazz brought home a much-improved report card over the weekend. It’s good to see her working hard and reaping the rewards!
Well, I am very sleepy and it’s past my bedtime. Off to bed I go!



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