Friday, March 20, 2009

Weekly Wrap-up – March 21st, 2009

imageOk, so this is my first weekly wrap up post, but I have been MEANING to participate for quite a while. Although we didn’t get much “schooling” done this week, for various reasons, we still had a very busy, productive week. We had some really nice, warm days this week. On Tuesday we took a break halfway through our lessons to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. The big kids chose to play on their scooters while Daddy and I played with the baby on a blanket in the grass.
100_1399 Drew riding his scooter
100_1404 Jazz and Isaiah zooming through the parking lot
Daddy playing with Joey on the blanket
We also tried putting Joey in the grass, but it was a no go. He did the usual baby thing and pulled his feet up and yelled every time, LOL! But he DID enjoy ripping the grass up with his hands. He also enjoyed watching Mommy blow bubbles.
On Wednesday, what little work we did was taught by Daddy. The boys really enjoy when Daddy helps them with their schoolwork. Isaiah is doing a chapter on money in Math right now, and he is still having a little trouble with counting combinations of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. So I got the play money out for him and he and Daddy practiced counting it.
100_1410Daddy helping Isaiah with Math
100_1411 Drew working hard on adding 3-digit numbers
Then on Thursday my sister in law was scheduled to have outpatient surgery. So we got to keep “the cousins” for several hours that afternoon. That is a very exciting event in our house as our families are both very busy and the kids don’t get to spend as much time together as they would like. They really enjoy each other’s company and we really enjoyed having them. They are really great kids and never any trouble. In fact, my kids behave better when they are around!

100_1415 Cousin Sarah playing with Jo-Bob. He kept looking up at her and giving her his biggest charmer smile, it was sooo cute!
Then tonight (Friday) the boys had their wrestling meet. It was just an informal meet to wrap up the beginner’s wrestling classes they have been taking for the last month. They both did very well and the coaches distributed medals to all the boys afterwards. We have decided that since they enjoyed it so much and they are both showing talent in wrestling, we will continue taking them to practices twice a week to prepare them to start a new season in October.
The boys showing off their wrestling medals
Tonight was also Jasmine’s 12th birthday/slumber party, so I intermittently hear giggling coming from her upstairs bedroom. The girls seem to be having a good time. I can’t believe another March birthday season has come and gone and Jazz and Drew are another year older. The next birthday is Joey’s, his very first! Gosh, it has flown by right before my eyes. But I can honestly say I have no regrets. I have consciously made every effort to treasure each and every day with him because I know how quickly time can fly when they are small.
I hope you have had a wonderful week! We are looking forward to another warm front coming through over the weekend and more sunshine through the week!



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