Wednesday, March 11, 2009

HSM #29 – Sick Days

What a timely assignment this is!  A sickness has been running through our home, taking out about half of us in one weekend, one right after another! Luckily, neither I nor the baby have been counted among the casualties!  But one of my students was!  So what did we do?
Absolutely nothing!  This is a prime example of why we have chosen to school year-round!  We have plenty of “built-in sick days”, not to mention vacation days and I-just-don’t-feel-like-teaching days.  It is stressful enough worrying about and tending to a sick child, much less adding to that the worry of lessons and projects.  So we just went ahead and took the entire week off.  It actually worked out well because I just finished up grades and report cards for our first grading period over the weekend, so it’s nice to take a week off to evaluate and rest.
What do you do on sick days?



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