Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life on Fast Forward

Yep, yet again, I have neglected to post any updates for several weeks. Man has it been crazy around here!

First and foremost – I have started a new business venture! A very good friend and fellow homeschool mom and I have started our own online store – Luv2Learn! What's Luv2Learn you ask? You can get all the details here, but the short version is that Luv2Learn is a new online store where you can get lots of great educational resources at rock bottom prices! So far, we only have a few products up for sale, but we are working really hard on writing more and have a lot of great ideas for future resources. We also have a Freebies page on the site, so make sure and check it out!

Obviously, I am really excited about this, it is something we have talked about doing for a while now and finally we decided to just do it and see where it takes us! So this new venture has been taking a lot of my spare time and blogging has gone on the backburner in order to allow me the time to get the site up and running and to co-write new ebooks.

On the home front, this week has been super busy, and it’s not about to slow down! My baby boy is turning 2 already!! We are having his party this Saturday. The best part of these plans is that my Mom and Grandma are coming up from Oklahoma for a visit!! They will be in late Friday evening and I am so glad they will be here for the party. They are gonna stay and visit for 5 nights before they head further north to visit more family for a few days.

I haven’t seen my Momma since my sister’s wedding last August, so as you can imagine, I am counting the hours til they arrive. I really hate that my Momma lives so far away and I really enjoy the times she gets to come visit.

I’ve also been working on making and implementing a new chore/routine system for the boys, which I finished up Tuesday. Today was our second day using it and so far it’s working great, although our evening routines seem to keep falling apart. I will have to work on that!

Mixed in with all this business, I am having a hard time accepting the fact that my baby is going to be 2! He will officially no longer be a baby, he will be a big boy :( I really am not ready. Why does time pass so quickly, no matter how hard you try to savor each and every moment?

He is getting so BIG! He is wearing 4t shirts and 3t bottoms. He has a vocabulary of at  least 40 words, but probably more. He runs, jumps, and “pretends” and is so much fun to just sit and watch. He has a bit of a temper, but is quick to say sorry or give a hug. He’s all boy and is rough and tough. He knows that a pouty lip is all it takes to melt Mommy’s heart. He tells you he “Lusss Oooo” and sometimes you might even be worthy of a sweet kiss. My favorite thing to hear him say right now is “Noom, noom!”, which in case you weren’t aware, is the sound a car makes. Oh, i could go on forever, but AI will spare you and stop here…

I am making his birthday cake and decorating it (with my Momma’s help) myself. We were going to do a very simple Blue’s Clues pawprint cake, but then I found this…

imageYep, that’s a tractor cake! It’s not gonna be an easy one and I would never dream of attempting it without Mom’s help. When I was 5 she made me an awesome Cabbage Patch Kid cake from the same type of pan. You know a cake is awesome when a 5 year old doesn’t want anyone to cut it! I can’t wait to see how it turns out, and YES!! I will take pictures and share!

So that pretty much wraps up what we’ve been up to as of late. School is still trucking along, albeit at a much slower pace than I would like, but life happens!

Hope you are enjoying your Spring!



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  1. What a cute cake! Congrats on the new online store.


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