Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random Thoughts From My Noggin 3.9.10

The toddler stage is so different from the baby stage! And although I have been down this road before, I am continually amazed at what treasures a day can hold.

We are learning so much more about the same topics we have already studied many times before just by approaching them in a new way (with Tapestry of Grace). And all of us are really enjoying the literature selections, too.

Sometimes I will stretch a literature selection out because I am worried that it will be too much for them or they won’t enjoy the story. I am continually finding that they are LOVING most of the books and that we are finishing them earlier than planned, purely because they end up begging me to read MORE!

I joined the February Organizing Challenge last month and neglected to even begin decluttering my closet. However, I did reorganize all of my kitchen cabinets and made a makeshift pantry for my canned goods.

Dear Hubby is enlisting into the Army (active duty) and he has to lose a little weight so he can pass his taping. He has already lost over 5 pounds by cutting out soft drinks, and working out a couple of days a week (we got him a month-to-month membership at a local church’s fitness center). He plans on gradually increasing how often he works out. I will write a whole post about this big upcoming change in our lives when he reaches his weight goals.

Tomorrow is my Drew’s 10th birthday. It makes me want to cry.

We are planning to have a dual birthday party (Jasmine’s birthday is a little over a week after his) and they both want to have friends sleepover. Lord help us!

My parenting style? Unfortunately, I’m a yeller. Yes, I know I shouldn’t and that I am teaching my children awful habits. I’m working on it. Old habits die hard.

Joey has developed a new fascination with climbing onto the dining table. We are trying to break him of this. He’s a pretty stubborn kid, it’s slow going. He has also figured out that he can slide the safety gate aside and go upstairs whenever he wishes. It scares me to death. We are brainstorming a way to prop the gate so that he can’t move it. The only reason we are concerned is that there is no carpeting at the bottom of the stairs and if he were to fall and hit his head, it would really hurt him. He actually does a great job of traversing the stairs but I’m still a nervous momma!

And for my closing thought? WHY am I sitting here writing a blog post when I SHOULD be getting school started? Ok, ok, I’m going!


: ) Cassie

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