Saturday, December 5, 2009

What's been going on around here?

I know it has been about a month since I was last here to update my blog, there are million reasons WHY, but I'm not going to bore you with that. How about I just spend our time together here sharing what has been going on in our home in the past month?
As I am sure you have already figured out, we are all moved and settled into our new townhouse. It is a lot nicer then where we were living. The changes in floor plans have presented some challenges for us, but we are making it work. Even though we moved into about 100 more square feet, that space is distributed mostly in the upstairs bedrooms and the fact that we now have 3 bathrooms. We now have a common living and dining room area instead of two separate rooms. This has resulted in no longer having a dedicated school room. I miss it, but at the same time, it is kind of nice to have the bulk of our school things put away out of the main living area. In our dining area, we have our table, two tall bookcases, our dry-erase board, and our workbox racks. It is very uncluttered this way and things tend to stay put up out of the way when we are not doing lessons. My large L-shaped desk is now in our large master bedroom, along with the rest of our school things. We did lose one of our tall bookcases in the move as it was very unstable and cracked as we were moving it. I hope to replace it after Christmas.
The boys' bedroom is downstairs, which is nice because I no longer have the youngest's toys strewn all over the main living area. All his toys are in his bedroom and easily accessible to him. He can get things out as he wishes, but at the end of the day, they all go back into their toy box in his room!  The downstairs bathroom is off of the boys' bedroom and they have their own shower which has been nice.
I love my kitchen set-up. My only complaint is there is really no convenient place to store all my larger kitchen appliances, like my roaster. There are plenty of cabinets, but they are not deep enough or tall enough for certain things. There is also nowhere I can hang shelves like I am used to having for these items. Again, we are making it work.
I have two large patio sliding glass doors downstairs and although they are tightly sealed, as it's getting colder here it is becoming apparent that we need to invest in some insulated curtains to keep the cold out. I am hoping to purchase them for Christmas.
School has been tough since we moved. Naturally, we took our first week here off as I was still getting things unpacked and settled. then we had a half week for Thanksgiving. This past week has also been rough because we have all been passing around a nasty cold. We did school though we didn't get done nearly as much as I had planned to. My goal for the next two weeks up to Christmas is to get as much done as we can. I'm not making any concrete daily plans, just a basic list of where we need to be before Christmas break. We will likely only take a week off as we have lots of catching up to get done.
Joey has been having sleep issues this week since he has had his cold. I am really hoping it resolves itself soon. If not, I may end up reading through Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems by Dr. Richard Ferber again. He is turning into quite the conversationalist and jabbers all day long. His vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. It seems like he learns a new word every day! He is just amazing. I am in awe.
Hubs is still working as a corrections officer in a work release center 5 days a week (and hating it) and going to school 5 nights a week. I am still searching for a part time job, though I haven't been able to devote as much time to this as I had hoped. Getting settled in took more time than I had hoped it would. I pretty much have to put the job search on hold until after the holidays as most places have already hired their seasonal help. I guess I missed the boat there.
There's really not a whole lot else to share right now. Except that I have been invited to join HOTM's review team! I am really excited about it, and I will be linking to all my reviews here on the blog, so keep your eye out for them. I have two that should be posting this week.
With that, I will bid you all ado until next time, which will not be so far off in the future. Stay warm!


Cassie :)

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