Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Prepping for the Move (how it's going)

imageYesterday our closest friends brought us our first batch of boxes. There were about 10-12 total. I know, not a lot for a household of 6, especially a homeschooling household of 6! She said she would be back today to help me with any packing because she knows we are on a tight schedule and need all the help we can get! When she arrived today, a bit before noon, I had already called a nearby Office Depot and they had some boxes waiting for me, so she kindly picked them up on her way and brought them. There weren't a lot, maybe five or six. I decided that I would call a few more places to see if I could get my hands on some more boxes before they bailed them. I was very lucky to catch two places just in time! Thank you Babies R Us and Best Buy!! We ended up with a good 40 boxes or so, and many were quite roomy!
Well, long story short, we worked until about 8 this evening, and I am proud to announce that I currently have 31 packed boxes parked against the wall in my schoolroom! We were really moving! Keep in mind all this with 4 children underfoot (one a toddler), messy bedrooms, and lots of laundry in between. I think we did pretty good!
We don't have a whole lot more that we can do until closer to moving day. We packed most of the schoolroom, everything in the living room except furniture and electronics, both bathrooms, both children's rooms, a few boxes in my room, and one hall closet.
I am not nearly as worried, after today, as I was about being able to get it all packed and moved in time. Of course, the kitchen is always the worst, and most time consuming, and it will likely be done dead last.
We sign our lease to our new place and get our keys Monday, and have to have our keys handed in here by Thursday evening. Please keep praying for things to continue to go smoothly! I will continue to keep you updated!


:) Cassie

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