Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wow - lots of changes heading our way!

SO it has been a really stressful week for us. We have been behind in our rent for sometime now. We had an appointment Thursday to get help. When we took the paperwork into the leasing office, they refused to sign it because they have to agree not to file eviction for 30 days. The lady said she had to speak with the manager because they were planning on filing on the first of November.
It's really ok though, cause we have slowly realized (after taking a hard look at our budget) that the reason we are always behind is because we can not afford to live here. The gas bills are outrageous and if we paid all of our bills on time, we would only have a couple hundred dollars left over for groceries and gas. I had not realized things were so tight even on paper.
So I have been apartment hunting like crazy all weekend. We are trying to get in somewhere quickly so we can leave voluntarily and avoid the eviction process so we don't have the scar on our rental history. We found a place that will actually save us a good chunk of money. There are some downsides to our choice:
  • no washer/dryer hookups
  • it's third floor with only a small balcony
  • we will prob not be able to use our chest freezer - no room
  • it's 3 bd with less than 1000 sqft
  • its a different school system - which is tough for Jazz
  • not a lot of storage so we will be renting a storage unit
But we all have to make sacrifices at this point to live within our means until hubby graduates school in a year. I DO really like how the floor plan flows so that's a plus, and they actually have two really nice playgrounds for the kids. The complex looks very well maintained on the outside, which I can't say for our current living situation. Oh yeah, and did I mention - we are going to save over $300 a month!
Please keep us in your prayers as we undergo this transition! We need so many things to fall into place just right. Finances, time, and our rental record are all huge factors here!
Thanks in advance for your prayers! I will keep you updated.


:) Cassie

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