Friday, January 9, 2009

Grilling Goodness meme #19

1. What's your 'dream machine' - as in vehicle? Do you think you'll ever own it?
Oooh, that’s a hard one!  I think I would really love to have a Chevy Suburban.  Three rows of seats, plenty of room for the kids to stretch out and relax!  plus I just like them.

2. Can you water ski?
Dunno, I have never attempted to.  But I have been tubing! Fun times!

3. What kind of milk to you prefer?
Definitely 2%

4. Have any of your pet peeves 'gotten your goat' this week?
YES!! I had the kiddos help me around the house by dividing up some jobs that needed to be done.  Two of them did certain jobs very half-hazard and I then made them sit and watch ME do it the correct way.  I also told them that next time it happens, they will continue doing the chore over until it is done correctly!

5. How do you prepare your taxes? HR Block, Turbo Tax, by hand - or does someone else do it for you?
I fill our taxes out online with HR Block’s turbo tax software.

6. Did you start a workout program this New Year?

7. Do you have a certain meal that you cook each and every week?
lately we are having hamburger helper once a week.  Hey it’s cheap and easy!

8. When do you normally write your blog posts?
Whenever I can and I have something interesting to share!

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