Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Tired Momma's Plea


Yes, I AM aware it has been several weeks since I last posted. I have been very busy tweaking curriculum choices, chasing my toddler, trying to get the house in shape (a never-ending battle) and feeling generally worn-down. The past month has been a very hard transition for the entire family. Hubs is now working full time AND attending night classes through the week. He is home for maybe an hour in between work and school then he comes home and eats then goes straight to bed. Joey, as a result of not having daddy home through the week, has been very clingy to momma. It's been hard on both of us and I have the aching back to prove it!
We have not done a full school load in a few weeks either. We took last week off so that I could attend the HOTM online conference. There were a LOT of great speakers/topics and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to glean wisdom from them and ask them my burning questions! It was awesome! I learned a lot and had a great time getting to know some other homeschooling moms. This week, we tried to get back into the swing of things, but with me restructuring our curriculum choices (more on that in a post soon to come) we don't have much to do until the new materials arrive. I expect everything will be here by Monday, but you never know seeing as I tried to purchase many items used and it is up to the individual sellers as to when these items were dropped into the mail. SO we have sporadically been doing Math, Phonics, and Reading this week, with a sprinkling of some penmanship. We have not had a structured enough day to use our workboxes, so they are awaiting us in a stack on the bookcase!
So obviously I have been keeping busy with all our big changes, and i am really excited to share it all with you in the next few days! Until then, know we are all marching on and trying to get through the "Daddiless" days with God's grace and forgiveness.
Would you please keep me in your prayers this week, as I have been struggling with fatigue (not sure why) and a very clingy little one. I need to stay focused on what's truly important so that I can focus what energy I have on those things! I am praying for God's grace and wisdom to help me the best wife and momma I can be for my family, who needs me to lead while Daddy is working so very hard to take care of us all!


Cassie :)

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