Sunday, April 26, 2009

School Records and Spring Cleaning

I know, I’m sorry I have been away! I have been struggling to catch up on paperwork and record keeping for school for 3 weeks now, and I have been spending the majority of my computer time doing just that.  I had been using a much simpler, but not as thorough method to keep track of grades and assignments for the beginning of our school year and I just decided it wasn’t making the cut. So I have been working on getting everything back into Homeschool Tracker. It has been a real chore because as I mentioned, my previous records were not very detailed. Basically I had just been keeping a list of grades. So now I am pretty much getting all our paperwork out that we have completed this year and starting from scratch. 
Speaking of Homeschool Tracker, have you seen the recent software updates? they have added so many new features that are super useful!  I am really loving it! I still have TONS left to do but I am trying to be pro-active and enter in lesson plans and goals in order to make things easier to keep up with once I get everything done I am behind on.
I also started spring cleaning this week. I have been concentrating on all those deep-cleaning jobs I have wanted to do, but never have time for. I borrowed a friend’s steam cleaner and have done all of the carpet except the bedrooms.  They will get done this week as I have time. I have also been choosing one area each day to scrub the walls (our apartment has flat paint and seems to attract dirt, scuffs, and handprints) and organize. My dining room/school room is completely done and the hubs and I did the entry way today. I will have to take a picture tomorrow and post. We hung a print we have had for a while but never hung done by a local artist and a small shelf and made it warm and inviting. The picture is really cool and I love it that it is finally up where others can see it! The walls are so pretty and white and clean and my carpets are clean and fluffy soft, too!
Which reminds me of a quick tip for carpet cleaning: do you ever clean your carpets only to find a few weeks later they look dirty again? i have found the secret to avoiding that! When you mix your solution, use just a wee bit of cleaner and about a half a cup of white vinegar. It cleans and deodorizes and also helps get rid of any soapy residue that might attract dirt later on! I was really impressed by how clean and soft my carpet is! It actually feels softer that it did when it was new and it smells great!
Anyway, as you can see I have been really busy! On that note I am really tired and I think it is time to put my laptop away and snuggle into bed for a good night’s sleeps. I certainly feel as though I earned it today!



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