Thursday, November 13, 2008

FINALLY..... Chicago Trip pictures!!

So this pic was obviously taken as we were entering the tolls to get into Chi-town via the skyway...
And this was after we crossed the skyway.  A nice shot of the skyline as we entered the city at dawn.
Ok.  We didn't manage to do nearly all the things we wanted to.  But we DID end up spending 4+ hours in the Chicago Art Institute where we took lots of pics... the following are just a few. 
This was one of the miniature rooms we were amazed by at the museum.  They had a whole wing of these little, detailed dioramas.  Each one is modeled after a different room, in a different part of the world and in a different era of history.  Don't they look like real rooms?
We were amazed by the attention to detail in these exhibits.
This was one of my favorites.
This one I liked a lot also.  It was a "shaker" living area.
They had a great section of ancient Egyptian artifacts, which I snapped lots of pics of since we are studying that time period now!
Canopic jars........eeewwwww!
An ancient Egyptian sarcophagus..neat!
And then we stumbled upon this very unique sculpture of Jesus on the Cross made entirely from wood.
Well that's all the pictures I have to share with you.  I am sorry there's not more, but when you travel with an infant you don't have a lot of time to snap photos!  Next time we will be sure to plan ahead better and hopefully we will get to do more.

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